The 5th CTO Colloquium: San Diego

(Etienne de Bruin) #1

In partnership with Sapiens Data Science and Kanani Breckenridge of Kismet Search, on 3/27/2019, in San Diego, CA, 7CTOs presents:

Fabio Traversa
Steve Griset
Kuan-Fu Ding

will address the CTO Colloquium with presentations on:

"Computation in the 21st Century"
"Integrating Clinical Metadata and Genomics to Help Individuals Measure, Protect, and Improve Their Health at the Speed of Science"
"Machine Learning in Computer Vision"


5:30pm to 6pm – Arrival Food & Drinks
6:00 to 6:30 pm – Fabio Traversa
6:30 to 7:oo pm – Steve Griset
7:00 to 8:00 pm – Kuan-Fu Ding
8pm Adjourn to closest Pub

On Computation in the 21st Century: Since the EDVAC realized by Von Neumann in 1947, computing architectures have evolved tremendously opening new horizons to both technology and economic advancement. The well established use of transistors and the shrinking of their channel size following Moore’s law for decades, has reached its limit and now we are entering in the “More than Moore” age.

The applications of computing vary from consumers to large corporations, from gaming to data centers and the need for computational resources represents an exponentially growing market. In this picture available architectures, such as CPUs, GPUs, ARM, etc. are sufficient for much of the computing needs of mobile phones and tablets as well as PCs and cloud computing. However, modern computing systems are already falling short when it comes to a growing number of computing needs.

This is only going to get worse unless new computing concepts are developed that represent a radical advancement in computing performance. Large corporations, academia and start ups, are proposing alternatives such as Quantum Computing, Neuromorphic Computing and MemComputing. These new technologies promise to solve some of the most challenging problems we face today, such as autonomous vehicles, personalized medicine, financial services and Artificial Intelligence.

On Machine Learning in Computer Vision: Overview of machine learning as it is applied to computer vision. Talk will cover different machine learning model architectures and the trade offs between performance and accuracy. Followed by demonstrations of those architectures as they are applied to object classification and detection in computer vision. Lastly a brief discussion of hardware acceleration and demonstration

On Integrating Clinical Metadata and Genomics to Help Individuals Measure, Protect, and Improve Their Health at the Speed of Science: You will learn how to identify disparate data sources and methods for integration, new opportunities and challenges for model development and validation, and proof of concept: using genomics to improve health assessment.

(Etienne de Bruin) #2

We had a fantastic evening together. Here’s a fun video recap of the event.

We’ll be posting videos of the talks as they become available!

Also, thank you to Kanani of Kismet Search for sponsoring the event.

Thank you for coming out!